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    Gorgeous smart menus.

    Order and pay at the table.
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    Food ordering systems

    Dazzle your customers 
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    Sleek digital menus 

Beautiful menus at the table

Customers order and pay
at the speed of touch.

Smarterant helps you generate more revenue by increasing the number of customers you are able to serve per hour.

By providing your customers a way to order and pay with the touch of a finger , you can speed up your table turnover rate, serve more customers per day and increase over all sales by 30-40%.


Be the most efficient

Serve your customers faster than ever.
Know your customers better than ever.

Collect vital information on things like allergies for your customers and use it to serve them better. Find out how well your staff is working by monitoring server response times.

Let's make your restaurant smarter

We'd be glad to show you how Smarterant works for your restaurant. Contact us Now

Take orders from anywhere

Present your customer with mobile friendly menus through the web and accept payments for take out or delivery orders easily

Smarterant builds into your website and provides your customers with an online menu where they can order delivery or take out and pay online. Smarterant makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments.

Monitor the finer details from anywhere.

View live sales, employee performance & more on the go

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